Sunday, 22 April 2012

Student Cooking

The Ultimate Student Cottage Pie

I don't cook that often any more, but I'm not one for overly complicated and arduous recipes and I like to keep it simple as much as possible. I'd never made a Cottage Pie before but recipe finder told me I had all (well 60%) of the ingredients so I thought why not

You will need:
Two large baking potatoes peeled and quartered 
One pack of lean beef mince (you can use Quorn mince if you're a veggie)
Some mixed veg (I used frozen carrots, cauliflower and peas)
Jar of tomato pasta sauce (ASDA's Tomato and Mushroom is particularly nice)
Cheddar cheese
Salt and Pepper
A spoonful of Marmite if you are a Marmite lover

First of all, boil the potatoes until they are properly soft and ready for mashing
While the potatoes are boiling, put the veg in a separate pan and bring them to the boil as well
Once the potatoes are boiled, drain and then return to the pan (minus the water) add a splash of milk, some butter or margarine and salt and pepper, mash until there are no lumps and leave to one side
Now heat some oil in a frying pan, add the mince and allow to brown for five minutes or so. Once the meat is browned, add the tomato sauce, boiled vegetables, some salt and pepper and a spoonful of Marmite and cook for a further 10 minutes or so until the meat is fully brown. 
Once the meat and sauce is done, pour into a casserole dish and ensure it's all level, then take the mashed potato and smooth it on top, add the cheese and cook for about 35 minutes at 200c or until really crispy.


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